Trademark Design Knowledge Collection - Application of Symbolic Image (1)

Chapter 7 Use of Symbolic Image in Logo Design

In the various signs of Linlin, we often find many images with the same kind of object. This type of image has long been in the hearts of established people. Therefore, most consumers see them more than they do. The familiar image is more capable of understanding. It is also easier to remember.

The symbolic image used in the logo has a certain symbolic connotation in the composition of the logo. It not only relates to the characteristics of the industry represented by the logo, but also can more effectively convey the corporate business philosophy.

Some symbolic signs that people see, such as the sun, eyes, water, and gestures, often attract people's special interests. These symbolic images. Even in today's tremendous advancement of human wisdom and creativity, people still have some kind of visual tendency towards them - the understanding of the unique meanings contained in certain symbolic images has become the cultural basis for their visual choices. Know naturally what they think is wonderful: sacred or beautiful things. The following is a brief description of several familiar symbolic images:

One, Taiyang

Since ancient times. The sun is a sacred object revered by the people. The symbolic image composed of a circular body and radioactive lines has strong attractive power of light and heat. It donated gratis. Grooming all things in the earth, this may be the willingness of the companies or groups that use this symbolic image to express their desires - invisible and eternal cohesion. So, people can collect hundreds of thousands without effort. A "sun" sign with various meanings and forms.

This round form with light appears more expressive than merchandise or ordinary text signs. It is also with the special charm of this symbolic image that people are never tired of it. At the same time, with the development of the times, the renewal of ideas and the presentation of new design styles. The signs of the "sun" image have also been further developed. Its connotation is more profound, its forms of expression are richer, more diversified, and more modern. Therefore, it has a stronger visual impact.

The sun is always enthusiastic. It has symbolic significance such as high spirits, freshness, and growing expectations. The role of the “sun” image on the logo is to represent the core concept of the company’s pioneering, development, and inexhaustible vitality. As a result, it inspires the company’s internal creativity and pioneering spirit to attract numerous consumers to gather around it. And accept it. It is this characteristic of the Sun that has given it the common approval of designers and users.

Second, eyes

In ancient cultures, the sun is considered to be the heavenly eye to this "eye." No one in the world dared to look at it. From this, people think that eyes and eyes are also symbols of life, strength and emotion. Almost all countries' languages ​​have given the eye a special meaning to the word, such as "magic eyes", "deterrence eyes" and so on. People often say that the eyes are the windows of the mind. While we are aware of the world through our eyes, we also let the world enter our hearts through our eyes.

Due to the characteristics of some industries or commodities, the image of the eyes forms a symbolic connection with them, such as optical equipment, television, and photography equipment. In this type of sign, the eye always plays the role of a dominant image. It intuitively conveys product-specific information. However, the eye images in some signs are not directly related to the company or the advertisement itself. It is merely to express a more pathological connotation such as intuition, sensitivity, and exploratoryness. This is a silent expression of ideas that goes beyond words and words. This kind of use of the image of the eyes, Beibei explained the designer's understanding of the 41 special meanings with eyes as a symbol. Of course, the infusion of this symbolism is synchronized with the growth of human knowledge.

Third, stars

The night is quiet, mysterious, and esoteric, but the stars shining in the dark night sky can forever infuse a potential, fearless force into people’s minds, allowing people to overcome the fear of facing darkness, just like the sun and moon. As a supernatural symbolic image, the stars represent hopes for yearning and infinity. People can always see more things in the stars than this natural celestial body itself. People often describe the constellation as an adult, an animal, or an item, and produce a series of prophecies and stories. In ancient astrology, people unconsciously linked their own destinies with the changes in the constellation. The Babylonian astronomy uses stars to explain and interpret the past, present, and future. Just today, people still think that the stars have exerted an influence on their fate.

In modern society, the stars retain important symbolic significance. They are the main symbolic image of expectation; they are universal national wills and military symbolic images, often appearing on national flags and national emblems; they are signs of achievement; the stars are the symbols of quality and grade in commercial exchanges.

- Although the outline of the star is basically a sharp radial angle, rotation, and symmetry, there are a large number of variants in the form of shape, number, and radiance.

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