Three practical small offset printing experience

1. Water roller velvet anti-jacketing effect is good

Recently, a J2203-type dual-color machine from a certain factory discovered that the water roller fluff was depilated and stuck on the printing plate when printing a large-area field version, which seriously affected the product quality. Through analysis, we believe that if you turn the water roller over and over, the fluffy side is set inside and you can avoid the disadvantages of hair removal. So put the water roller velvet back set, through the printing practice has proved that the effect is very good, not only the phenomenon of printing plate viscous roller fluff is eliminated, and the water delivery function is also very good, wetting the printing plate evenly. Since the water roller velvet back cover is better than the positive cover, all products that are printed now are changed to all back cover.

2. Application of dry cloth

When the offset press has a long down time, the moisture on the printing plate will evaporate easily and the printing plate will be damaged. Therefore, the printing plate must be coated with glue to protect the printing plate. However, due to the artificial water-spraying cloth coating on the glue coating, the thickness is often uneven, especially the thicker part of the printing plate, it is not easy to wash off the solid after solidification, and serious will “bite” the bad printing plate. Therefore, instead of applying glue, we must use dry cloth to gently pat on the plate so that the glue layer on the plate can be evenly and well washed to properly protect the plate. The resistance to India has also increased.

In addition, the new PS version on the machine printing, after washing through the water treatment cloth, the moisture immersed in the graphic basis, often not inked. At this time as long as the use of dry cloth on the basis of graphics and then wipe it again, wipe the dip of water, it is easy to ink.

3. Printing graphics wider than the drum circumference

Recently, a factory printed on a product with a graphic width of 670mm and arranged to print on a 01 slow machine. However, the machine's drum circumference is only 620mm. It is incredible to print a picture that is 50mm wider than the drum circumference. Since the product is only printed in one color, its graphic text is large and the interval is also large. We believe that it can be printed twice by virtue of this favorable factor. All parts of the drum can be printed first, and parts not printed can be printed separately. The text will be sun-dried at the mouth, and the semi-finished paper that was printed once will be turned around, which means that it will not be printed.捎 The blank area was transferred to the mouth of the mouth and printed again. This printed text that was wider than the circumference of the drum was printed. The quality was guaranteed and the customer was very satisfied.

Source: INNSUN

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