Problems that should be noticed when using ink

1. Check whether the ink printed on the machine is the type of ink required by the customer, so as not to cause a major printing error due to the wrong color.
2, when the machine on the first full ink mixing, ink storage for a long time there will be stratification, but will not affect the quality.
3, on the machine when the added ink is best about 10kg, so as not to cause excessive evaporation of ink, if 10kg is not enough and then slowly appropriate to add to the printing press.
4. When blistering occurs during printing, appropriate water-based defoamers can be purchased from the ink supplier, and the proportion is generally 1%.
5, in the ink on the machine, the printing staff should pay attention to the viscosity of the ink and the machine on the machine viscosity, so as not to affect the printing effect.
6, the printing process, the quality inspection personnel should strictly control the color, the color deviation is very small, the printing press can adjust the viscosity of the printing press or ink solution. When the color deviation is large, the ink supplier of the ink supplier must be notified to make improvements.
7. When printing, the printing effect is not good. For example, the dot printing is not clear, the font printing is not clear, and the overprint effect is not good. The quality inspection shall immediately notify the supplier of the solution.
8. The viscosity of the ink on the machine must be controlled. Generally, the machine viscosity of each printing machine must be recorded so that the next printing can save time and reduce paper waste.

Source: Chongqing Packaging Technology Association

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