Nano antibacterial materials can be used in toys and other fields through identification

The silver-loaded nano-titanium dioxide antibacterial material passed the scientific and technological achievements appraisal organized by the Science and Technology Department of Hunan Province on October 12. This key technology of industrialization has reached the international leading level of new materials and its production process. It is colored by Central South University and Quzhou City. Metal Co., Ltd. invested more than 40 million yuan to jointly develop.

The results appraisal committee composed of authoritative experts from famous universities and scientific research institutions such as Tsinghua University said in the technical appraisal report that the material was tested against the Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus by the microbiological analysis and testing center authorized by the state. The rate is more than 99.99%. The demonstration production line with an annual output of 300,000 tons established in the development has the characteristics of advanced technology, simple equipment, short process, low production cost and easy scale production.

According to reports, inorganic environmental purification functional materials are divided into two categories, namely silver-loaded materials and titanium dioxide photocatalyst materials. Silver-loaded materials are metal ions such as silver, copper and zinc that have antibacterial functions, which are fixed by physical adsorption or ion exchange. On different carriers, but the release of silver ions in silver-loaded materials is fast, the bactericidal effect is difficult to last; the bactericidal effect of titanium dioxide photocatalyst materials can only be produced under the condition of light irradiation, and its use range is very limited. The silver-loaded nano-titanium dioxide modified composite functional environment purification material developed in Hunan embeds silver ions into titanium dioxide, so that the photocatalyst is also antibacterial in the dark, and at the same time, the silver ion has a sustained release property.

The nano-composite has an antibacterial effect equivalent to 8 times the efficiency stipulated by international standards. It can be used in the manufacture of antibacterial coatings or in ceramics, plastics, fibers and other materials. It is widely used in surgical gowns, sanitary napkins, medical bandages, Footwear, toys, furniture, flooring and other life, medical supplies, will help people realize their desire to live in the "bacterial space."

According to Cao Jingui, president of Jingui Company, after the project is put into production, it is expected to realize an annual sales income of 1.2 billion yuan, an annual foreign exchange income of 45 million US dollars, and more than 400 new jobs.

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