Modern Packaging Design Identification and Its Application (I)

The design and positioning of product packaging logos can convey accurate product information to consumers, which is one of the important ways to realize value-added products.

First, install positioning design information passed

1, modern packaging design

Packaging is both a noun for things and a verb for things that operate. Adapt to the market and people's increasing consumer demand, continue to give new meaning to packaging. The so-called modern packaging design is to protect the safe circulation of goods, facilitate consumption, and promote sales. Based on the specific product's shape, nature, and circulation intentions, the new packaging concept is formed through planning and conception, and then combined with art and technology. Using appropriate materials, shapes, structures, texts, graphics, colors, and protection technologies, etc., to create organic packaging entities and shape the process of product image. Modern packaging design takes the market demand and human health and environmental protection requirements as the starting point, and meets the needs of different types of people's consumption. It starts from the market to develop the design and production of goods and packaging, and then returns to the market to enter circulation and consumption. , Through market sales and people's consumption inspection feedback information, identify problems and new needs, and then implement improved design and development of products and packaging. From this we can see that packaging design, which is an indispensable part of the formation of commodities, is itself a systematic concept that promotes the development of recycling. The market demand is the leading factor of the modern economy. Any commodity development cannot be separated from the market, starting from market demand and occupying the market for the purpose. Products must be packaged to form goods, enter the circulation and consumption fields, and packaging is an inseparable and important part of modern goods. Naturally, it is inseparable from the market and social consumption environment. The correct design should consider the packaging issue at the same time as product development. The monthly packaging development design of products includes a common link, ie, market demand - target market determination - product positioning development and packaging design - production packaging Processes - forming commodities - entering circulation - market sales - market and consumer information feedback. Obviously, design is the creative visualization of the overall concept and creative plan as a blueprint or modeled activity.

Regarding the design of packaging and decorating, there is a so-called "SAFE" design concept in foreign countries. Safe is originally meant to be "safe" in English. Here, it is an abbreviation of four English words: S stands for simple, meaning "concise"; A stands for Aesthetic, which means "beautiful"; F stands for Fanction, which means "practical"; E stands for Economic, which means "economic." These four have become the four evaluation criteria for the design concept.

With the development of economy, the competition for commodities has become more and more fierce, and the varieties and manufacturers of similar products have also become more and more. In order to adapt to this competition, in the early 1970s, a packaging design concept featuring packaging positioning emerged. It aims to improve the packaging design for the sake of consumers, thus forming the main features of modern packaging.

2, the overall design of the packaging and its basic elements

Packaging overall design positioning. According to the basic principles of the design or improvement direction, functional goals, and production process methods defined in the packaging planning, the historical status, sales environment, market and development trend requirements of the product and packaging of the design project, and the current status of similar product packaging are carefully analyzed. Research, combining the design principles of "scientific, practical, economical, aesthetic, and creative", carries out the overall layout of packaging design (capacity specifications, material types, basic forms, structural methods, protective technologies, etc.), as well as packaging The clear positioning of the overall style (ie, cultural taste) forms the idea of ​​shaping the overall image and structure of the product, and then carries out specific design steps.

The term "positioning design" was introduced from abroad in recent years. Its English language is "Position Design." Position means position, position, design is design. Therefore, the positioning design refers to the goal-specific design, which mainly solves the problem of the design method. For example, in the packaging design of products, specific consumers may be emphasized, and the naturalness of the products may be emphasized. The composition of the products may also be emphasized, or the high quality of the products, the color of the products, and the decoration style may be emphasized. In short, the basic idea of ​​modern packaging positioning design is to emphasize the “delivery of accurate product information to consumers and give them a unique and unique product impression”. Therefore, the information that the positioning design needs to deliver can be divided into three basic factors: self-reported home, what is the commodity, and who the buyer is.

The packaging positioning design includes the description of the performance of the product, the characteristics of the product, and the use of the product. The packaging of goods must not only be directly responsible for the consumers of the goods, but also be responsible to the entire society. It must be conducive to the improvement of people's ideological and moral standards and the purification of the spirit and material environment in order to facilitate the construction of the socialist "two civilizations." These are the first things we should consider when designing our designs. The packaging and decoration of goods should assume the responsibility of “silent salesman”, establish the image of the goods in the minds of consumers, display the performance and characteristics of the goods, attract the attention of consumers, and enable consumers to generate or enhance the desire to purchase. To achieve the purpose of promotion, and ultimately realize the value of the goods, this is what we should consider in the packaging and decoration design.

(to be continued)

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