Membrane production line microhole monitor

The United States Clinton Instruments Corporation (Clinton, CT) stated that the purchase of a high-pressure microhole monitor for membranes and plates costs only about 10% of the cost of an optical microwell monitoring system. For decades, the company has built a number of microhole detection electrode systems to detect wires and cables. At the same time, occasionally built a number of user-customized large-scale micro-hole detectors to detect high-yield cast film and sheet production lines. Last year, Clinton developed its first standard real-time microhole monitor to detect film and sheet extrusion. This is the Model PDC-20, which includes a sensor and a controller. A ground electrode is connected to one end of the thin film web, and the other end is connected to a charging electrode. Subsequently, high pressure is applied to the surface of the web to detect micropores and defects. The sensor looks like a stainless steel bead curtain that hangs on top of the web, across the surface of the grounded metal. The controller uses the meter to display the voltage and confirm and calculate the number of microholes and defects. According to the different materials and the thickness of the material, the applied voltage ranges from 1000V to 20000V. Currently, the company has built micro-hole monitors for 12-inch wide, 0.0001 to 0.12 inch thick film webs. Its largest system for testing films and plates costs about $10,000.

Source: Foreign Plastics

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