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Patent Name A Manual Tape Dispenser Patent Applicant Shen Shihong Principal Applicant Address 518102 Shen Shihong, inventor at the sixth floor of Building 10, Guangxi Industrial Park, Industrial Avenue, Longhua Town, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province Application (Patent) No. 200420093267.1 Date of application 2004.09.14 Certification date Auditing Announcement No. 2730831 Approved Notice Day 2005.10.05 Instruction CD-ROM D0540 Main Classification No. B65H35/07 Classification No. B65H35/07 Sub-division Original No. Application of Priority Claims This application discloses a manual tape dispenser including a handle body, The paper tube, the rotating body, the connecting body, the paper body and the viscose tube are provided with a groove above the handle body, a measuring tool is clamped, a storage cavity is arranged in the tail part of the handle body, and a bottom cover is provided at the end of the handle body; The surface has a non-slip pockmark. It can carry a variety of accessories required for the packaging process to facilitate the use of packaging; in addition, it also has a non-slip function, the use of good, suitable for the replacement of existing products has been widely used. Sovereign item 1, a manual tape dispenser, comprising a handle body, a paper tube, a rotating body, a connecting body, a paper sheet body, and a viscose cartridge, characterized in that: a groove is provided above the handle body, and a clip There is a measuring tool. International Application International Publication Entering Country Date Patent Agency Beijing Runping Intellectual Property Agency Co., Ltd. Agency Address Zhou Jianqiu

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