How to identify expired samples and feel safe online shopping

MMs who love to buy skin care cosmetics, almost all have a bunch of samples. Some are sent in the brand promotion package, and some are sent to you for trial use when you buy a single item, some of which are obtained from online shopping. Skin care cosmetics sample, is it a waste chicken rib, or baby? Today is coming to tell you about the hazards of skin care samples and how to identify expired samples.

Crazy use of the harm of the sample

First, the danger of using a small sample crazy

The skin's metabolic cycle is 28 to 40 days. It takes at least two months for any product to show its effect. Your sample is specially moisturized these days, and it is anti-aging in the next few days. It has become white, so chaotic, what kind of effect do you want? The bears licked the corn, licked a pile and threw it.

Second, how to use the sample correctly

Most of the promotional packages of major brands now give away some samples and samples. 30 ml of lotion, 15 ml of face cream, 5 ml of eye cream can basically last for about two months. You can carefully observe the changes of your skin through these samples to determine whether these products are really suitable for your face. . If appropriate, don't hesitate to buy genuine products for one or two years, so that you will have a real improvement on your skin. After two months, you will get tired of it and change it. It is not good for your skin. If not, don't hesitate to throw them away or give them away. Don't let the greed and cheapness drive you to continue using them.

Don't buy a "full gift" quota for your greed and cheapness. For example, if you only want to buy an eye cream, go to the counter and find that this is in the promotion. If you buy enough 880, you will get a small gift package. If you have two or three hundred pieces, you can take a bunch of things, and you have to buy enough. Rich. Take a closer look, how much is that gift pack that you need? Maybe you can spend two or three hundred more to buy a genuine one, then take back a bunch of chicken ribs that you don't need at all - you only lack moisturizing, but the samples are all anti-aging!

Expired sample into a hidden rule

Third, the expired sample into a hidden rule is a good way to distinguish

Why do cosmetic brands try out expired demos for consumers? The reason is that the trials in the cosmetics industry are generally distributed by the company, and many of them are allocated according to the sales performance of the counters. Counters with poor performance could not be allocated in time for trials, resulting in problems with expired trials.

Vulnerability 1: No outer packaging

Buying some cosmetics "small samples" on the Internet, there are very few outer packaging cartons, often just the plastic outer skin of the product, which makes the safety of the sample a hidden danger. First of all, some information on the outer packaging, such as product name, shelf life, ingredient list and usage methods, are lost, affecting the identification and normal use of consumers, and burying hidden dangers for skin allergies. In addition, the “small sample” without outer packaging will also reduce the difficulty of counterfeiting, making it more prone to counterfeit goods.

Vulnerability 2: Production date and shelf life are not clear

For cosmetics applied directly to the skin, the date of manufacture and shelf life are also of great concern to consumers. The reporter saw on the above-mentioned sample of Li Kaoquan that the seals with the date of production will usually be marked with the words “54G6000613”, which cannot be recognized by ordinary consumers. "Because the 'small sample' is imported, the foreign date labeling is like this." It is understood that the "Commercial Inspection Law Implementation Regulations" implemented on December 1, 2005 stipulates that imported cosmetics must have Chinese labels, but there is no The plain text requires a sample of the gift to have a Chinese label. The imported cosmetics of different brands have different date labels. Therefore, it is difficult for consumers to judge the production date of the products according to the labeling date of the English production date. Sometimes, the products that are quickly expired are bought.

Vulnerability 3: Unsealed

Today, in order to ensure that the product is not contaminated, many regular cosmetics are sealed. For example, some products will be covered with tin foil to isolate air and pollutants. This also proves that the cosmetics are brand new. Cosmetics “small samples” rarely have a sealed “treatment”. Usually, the lid can be used to extrude the product, leaving a hidden danger to the safety of the product.

Fourth, summary:

Although many young girls have fun with various brand samples, after all, they are used on their faces. Cosmetic safety must attract the attention of every lady who loves beauty. A brand customer service staff said that if consumers get a sample through their regular channels to buy goods, what problems with the skin after use, they can record and convey to the beauty consultant to help consumers to do skin care guidance. Salesmen such as Olay and Dream Makeup said that if consumers buy a sample of the brand in an informal channel, they may not be able to manage the skin problem. They can only advise consumers not to buy it.

Five, consumption reminder: 50~200 yuan range of cosmetics fakes

1. Don't be cheap, fake prices will usually be lower than genuine. For cosmetics with a price between 50 and 200 yuan, there will be more fakes. Pay special attention when purchasing, especially for Korean makeup. Buyers should pay more attention to it.

2, cosmetics sample is also the hardest hit area of ​​fraud, especially some shops selling small samples in bulk, after all, the sample is a gift of genuine merchants, it is impossible to source a steady stream of goods.

3, for different skin care brands, you can first go to the beauty forum to find the method of verifying the authenticity by checking the production batch number or packaging characteristics, and then ask for the physical picture and batch number in the communication with the merchant, and reach the acceptance test, such as fake replacement. committed to.

4. When selecting a merchant, you should filter the seller with high credit rating. You can judge by checking the early record of “seller credit” and the buyer's evaluation experience. When trading, try to use tools such as Anfutong or Alipay, and keep the same transaction records as the seller's chat records, parcels, etc., especially after receiving the goods.

5, online shopping before some cosmetics have never been used before going to the mall counter trial, one is to determine the skin quality for their own, will not cause allergies and other problems, the second is to determine that the brand produced the product, not the seller said The "limited edition" and "commemorative edition" are deceived. The third is to facilitate the comparison and authenticity after receiving the online shopping goods.

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