High temperature gravure preprinted ink

At present, carton packaging plays an important role in assisting sales and assistance in product sales and transportation. In 2004, the market volume of corrugated boxboard in China has reached 18 billion square meters, and preprinting is a more rapid and efficient method of box making. Can focus on printing, decentralized into boxes, for the carton bulk printing process to bring low-cost advantages, its prospects are very broad.

In order to meet the new trend of the carton industry booming, the printing and packaging department of Wuhan University has developed a high-temperature gravure preprinted ink and varnish. This series of products can generally tolerate high temperatures of 150°C, which can prevent the printed surface from melting when the printed surface passes through the paperboard hot plate, resulting in the defects of pull flowers. The color of the carton is controlled and the strength of the carton is ensured. Products are alcohol-soluble and water-based, both have excellent water resistance. And the drying speed is fast, to ensure that the printing is not sticky back after winding. The ink fineness is ≤ 5um, the printability is good, the glossiness and transparency of the finished product can meet the customer's requirements and is well received by customers.

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