Heavy security ink

With the rapid development of the global and Chinese market economy, various types of goods have emerged in an endless stream, naturally accelerating the competition of similar products. Enterprises engaged in the production of various products have intensified their efforts to establish brands in an ever-changing market. The investment has spared no effort in expanding the popularity of companies and products. However, at the same time when brand-name products were created, various counterfeit and shoddy products are also flooding the market with astonishing speed and quantity. Due to the needs of the market, anti-counterfeiting technology has been rapidly developed and is constantly being introduced. The printing and packaging department of Wuhan University is now launching a “recovery and security ink” that can help merchants to create a special anti-counterfeit trademark and anti-counterfeiting label that is not easy to be used by others and can be used by new methods of modern technology to ensure genuine manufacturers and sales. The legitimate rights and interests of business. The product incorporates a variety of anti-counterfeiting features such as temperature-change color inks and photochromic inks, and contains multiple concealed anti-counterfeiting effects. It can be completed in one shot. Overcame the drawbacks of anti-counterfeiting monotonicity and counterfeiting that were printed using a single infrared ink or color-changing ink. The appearance of anti-counterfeiting and overlapping of anti-counterfeiting also made the difficulty of counterfeiting greatly improved. It will be very large in the commercial paper market in China. Product of vitality and development potential.

Designed with an annual output of 100 tons of hidden security ink, the equipment investment is 100,000 yuan, the plant is 200 square meters, the raw material cost of the product is 500 yuan/kg, the reference ex-factory price is 1600 yuan/kg, the annual production value is 16 million yuan, and the annual profit and tax is 11 million yuan. .

Cosmetic Packaging

Cosmetic packaging occupies more than 60% share of the business, we have a professional design team, mainly focus on cosmetics packaging materials research and development, design and promotion, mainly have eye shadow, powder, blush, and so on a series of product packaging. The box is rich in variety and variety of materials, which can be customized and tested by environmental protection and FDA.

Cosmetic Packaging

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