Evaluation: Harmony Perfect Paterson H210027 Rui Chi Series Basin Faucet

Baidejia H210027 Ruichi series single handle basin faucet has a simple appearance and smooth lines; the smooth and distinct lines of the whole product echo the cabinet basin, which is very harmonious and perfect. It adopts high-quality brass and imported valve core to ensure that the faucet does not rust or corrode during long-term use, and the quality guarantee of 500,000 times of water leakage does not prevent the small troubles of “Water Man Jinshan”. The resulting foamy water is soft, and the touch is silky satin. It is very comfortable. The foam water is mixed with 30% air, which greatly saves water.

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The Patek H210027 Rachi series single handle basin faucet has a simple appearance and smooth lines. The surface coating treatment makes it look bright and metallic. The switch adopts up and down swing type, and the switch handle is long, which is convenient to use. The hot and cold water switch logo is distinguished by red and blue colors and is easily identifiable. Connect two hot and cold water pipes. The switch handle can be rotated left and right, rotating in the direction of red color, hot water is coming out and the temperature is getting higher and higher to prevent burns.

The Patek faucet is made of high quality brass. Get rid of the shortcomings of traditional faucets that produce rust due to long-term flooding. At the same time, three layers of electroplating treatment, the first layer of acid-plated copper, the second layer of nickel plating, the third layer of chrome plating, after 48 hours of acid salt spray test, to ensure that the quality reaches 10 standards, can better ensure that the faucet is not affected by corrosion .

All the plating surfaces of Patek are multi-layered, the surface corrosion resistance is stronger than the national standard requirements, and it is used for a long time. The thickness of the nickel layer of this Patek faucet [Ni] ≥10μm, the thickness of the chrome layer [Cr] ≥ 0.25 μm; the thickness of the nickel layer of the market product [Ni] 4-5 μm, the thickness of the chromium layer [Cr] 0.1-0.15 μm.

Fully used materials, overall thick; GB 57-1 copper: environmentally friendly, low-lead non-toxic green products; Italy IMR integrated gravity casting, product wall thickness uniform, smooth lines; real copper casting, the thinnest wall thickness of the product is 3.69 Mm, ordinary products are far behind.

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