Evaluation: exquisite and durable cherry 6631SN gas stove

The cherry blossom 6631SN gas stove is not very complicated in design, and the new minimalist design makes it look delicate and durable. The new aluminum alloy burner has a sandblasted surface that makes the entire gas stove look unique.

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The cherry blossom 6631SN gas stove has a simple and elegant design, combining practicality and fashion. The combination of elegant silver and deep black, the delicate texture reveals extraordinary taste. The one-piece panel has a strong overall feel, and the zinc alloy knob has a smooth and beautiful surface and a better hand feel. The 6631SN gas stove uses an oblate iron bright enamel hob. The enamel hob does not rust during use, and the iron hob used in general stoves is very easy to rust, so it is very easy to clean.

Cooking different dishes has different requirements for firepower. The 6631SN gas stove adopts pure blue fire “energy-saving fast fire”, which is not segmented firepower, and is freely adjusted by you to meet the diversified cooking needs of Chinese families. In addition, electronic pulse ignition, the service life can reach 200,000 times.

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