Top 100 Linde leads the trend of Chinese furniture

As the leader of the Asian furniture exhibition brand, Guangzhou International Furniture Fair has been hailed as the “barometer” and “wind vane” of the Chinese furniture industry. The top 100 furniture is based on international vis

Furniture or pick-up "trade-in"

"If the furniture "old-for-new" policy can be promoted nationwide, it will help to stimulate furniture consumption, which is a good for Shandong furniture industry. It is expected that Shandong will start as soon as possible." On the 25th, the Ministry of Commerce expressed

How to identify expired samples and feel safe online shopping

MMs who love to buy skin care cosmetics, almost all have a bunch of samples. Some are sent in the brand promotion package, and some are sent to you for trial use when you buy a single item, some of which are obtained from online shopping. Skin care cosmetics sample, is it a waste chicken ri

Evaluation: Harmony Perfect Paterson H210027 Rui Chi Series Basin Faucet

Cooking oil bottles should work hard on security

According to the market survey data of China Packaging Bottle Network, there are many professional edible oil bottle manufacturers in China. The edible oil bottle is mainly made of PET material, and the capacities are 500ML, 1.8L, 2.5L and 5L four common speci