Pulp imports slow down, paper imports are growing fast

This week's news review keyword: Eliminate outdated production capacity. This week's reference message outlines: Nine Dragons has raised the price of cardboard paper by 50-100 yuan/ton; the price of imported pulp is stable; the import waste paper is on the market. The overall trend of p

Empty cosmetic bottles recycle "hot" set off

Today, with the “low-carbon economy” and “low-carbon life” hot, more and more people and organizations have participated in environmental protection activities and contributed to the creation of green homes. As a beauty-making cosmetics industry, it is even more importa

I want to be hydrated and beautiful.

To have supple skin, moisturizing is a compulsory course throughout the year. Moisturizing is especially important in the hot, dry summer and early autumn. If you want to be a "water beauty", start acting now. ,

China's plastic packaging industry is growing at an annual rate of 5%

The plastic packaging industry ranks second in packaging materials. The plastic packaging industry is growing at a rate of 5% per year, while other packaging materials, including paper and cardboard, metal, glass, and hemp, are growing at a rate of only 2%. The plastic packaging industry will e

How Designers Should Preflight Pre-Export Files

After receiving the output file from the customer, the professional output center first checks the file and then displays the file. If an error is found, it is generally processed for the customer. However, in doing so, the customer does not know the mistakes m

This spring, the wooden door popular three winds

Buying wooden doors is not only about buying furniture for the home care home, but also buying culture and buying art. Although there are many types and brands of wooden doors, there are also styles and genres. Before the home improvement project is “big moveâ

There are many patterns of assembled wooden floors.

If you feel that the floor itself is not changing much, you can do some articles on the floor assembly. The 45 degree paved wooden floor is especially suitable for paving in a rectangular space, which increases the visual width and makes the room look wider.


Can the back of the color mark be printed again?

If you use a standard black backing material such as BackStopTM during colorimetric measurements, it is irrelevant whether the backside of the colormark is still printed because the black backing eliminates the measurement variations that result from the patter

The function and maintenance of automobile crystal perfume bottle

Car crystal perfume bottle, car perfume is nowadays the perfume industry has developed a stylish perfume usage, because at this time the perfume in the perfume and the car are the fashion products that we people are very fond of, especially perfume car crystal perfume Bottles are extremely fash