WT-216 automatic cap printing production line

Intercom has recently developed a printing line for round plastic caps, equipped with automatic accessory lifters that can store a large number of caps and automatically control the number of caps. The newly designed print head can independently adjust the heig

Borouge's three pipeline products use Traccoding coding system

Currently, according to the ISO 12176-4 (2003) standard, Borouge's three North Star Borstar PE pipe products are registered through the International Tracing coding system (Traccoding).

Traccoding is a coding system now used in polyethylene (PE) pip

Pre-membrane lamination and the effect on the adaptability of binding

In recent years, the coating of textbooks is basically using pre-coated films. Since we have not used a long time and there are many problems, according to our process practice, it is shown that the quality of precoated film coating is mainly temperature and pr

UK Crosland VK Company to Launch Two New Products

In 2006, Crosland VK in the UK will launch two new products. A new fully automatic die-cutting machine, the Revotec 1060, has the advantage of having a larger die-cut version, eliminating edging and eliminating 100% waste. This machine was built on the success

BOBST launches five-minute die-cutting machine

From simple, stable and reliable SPeria series to high-performance SPrintera series, BOBST has a full range of die-cutting solutions to meet the needs of different customers.

The SPeria 106, SPeria 106E and SPeria 142E die-cutting machines can handle a

Ink jet printing influencing factors

Measuring the quality of ink jet equipment print quality has the following factors:
(1) Color management software The printer driver should provide rich color management functions because the printer uses the RGB primary colors in optics to convert to CMYK

Preparation of Microporous Film for Winter Jujube Preservation

In the field of modified atmosphere packaging of fruits and vegetables, some products have been successfully used microporous film packaging. In Japan, leeks are wrapped in microporous PP film and stored at 20°C for 5 days. French Renlaut et al. showed that

UV ink demand increased

UV ink has become a mature ink product. Its pollutant emissions are almost zero. In 2003, the annual output of uV ink in the world was approximately 16,000 tons in Japan. 1.8 million tons in Europe and 19,000 tons in North America. The flexographic printing UV

KBA 74 Karat Digital Offset Press

The KBA 74 Karat Digital Offset Press is a new type of inkless keyless waterless offset press that enables innovative printing preparation including waterless version change, direct on-machine imaging, plate cleaning and adjustment, etc. within 15 minutes. Roll

On the Strategic Transfer of the Whole Design Position of Books

Abstract: The competition in the current publishing industry is increasingly fierce. The overall design of books is a strategic shift in the overall image design of publishing organizations.

Keywords: books, overall design, design, positioning strategy

Conceptual design of packaging container

[Abstract] The concept of conceptual design in mechanical design was introduced. The concept content, process and requirements of packaging container were deeply demonstrated. Conceptual design is conducive to the development of new product development efficien