Metal inks for cigarette packaging and printing

Metal inks for cigarette packaging and printing

Metallic pigments in metallic inks have special metallic luster and are widely used in packaging printing, especially cigarette packaging printing. Since the composition and manufacturing process of metal

Color wheel and color stereo based color conversion method

The colors on the color wheel that are 180 degrees apart are complementary colors, also called complementary colors. That is, each color on the color wheel has a color that is in a complementary relationship with it on the opposite side of the color wheel. Thei

Green Packaging R&D

Edible packaging materials have been rapidly developed in recent years because of their rich and complete raw materials, edible, harmless and even beneficial to human body, and certain strength. Edible packaging materials are now widely used in food, medicine a

Wine bottle new family: PET plastic bottle

In recent years, with the demand of the market, especially the demand for new types of wine packaging in the aviation and entertainment industries, many packaging manufacturers are developing a new plastic wine bottle, PET bottle.

We use the linkPlas PET

Sheetfed ink printing failure and countermeasures

1, ink fountain deinking:
The ink is deinked (not grooved), the ink supply is reduced or interrupted, and the printed product becomes lighter in color.
the reason:
1, ink is too short, the flow is too small
2, thixotropy is

Medium melting point polyamide hot melt adhesive formula

Component Amount / mol Component Amount / mol
Polyunsaturated fatty acids 0.8 Ethylenediamine 0.9
Sebacic acid 0.1 Has diamine 0.1

Preparation and Curing The product is prepared by polymerizing the formulation. Heat to 160-170°C, bond a

No. 6 varnish formula

6# varnish is an indispensable auxiliary material in the use of offset printing ink. The 6# varnish produced by this formula is simple, cost-effective and excellent.

First, formula

Material Name Specification Weight (%)

Modified grass se

Embossing UV ink formulation

According to the composition of the UV ink, the UV offset ink is similar to that of a UV offset ink. The difference is that the former has a lower viscosity, and the ink rheological requirements are not stricter than the latter.

Embossing UV ink for

Lightbox advertising screen printing technology

Screen printing, there are many people now like it for short screen printing. Screen printing is an indispensable printing method in advertising production, especially playing an active role in outdoor advertising. It is compared with several kinds of pressurel

Monochromatic printing and printing experience

In order to ensure the stability and unity of the batch of ink products in the printing of books and periodicals, the sample-licensing system plays a crucial role in the production process. In the traditional printing production practice, there are many tips fo