Hardcover book processing operations - shell processing (2)

2. Hot stamping process. The hardcover hot stamping process is a kind of decorative processing of book binding, which is based on the designer of the cover to determine the processing plan according to the grade, value, publisher's requirem

RTP Develops New Type Nylon Clay Nanocomposite

US RTP Plastics recently developed a new type of nylon clay nanocomposite. This nylon nanocomposite is made of nylon 6 resin, added 3%-5% of organic clay, and made by special methods.

The new nylon nanocomposite material is particularly suitable for the

Pump-shaped mouth daily chemical bottle

A pump-shaped mouth daily-use product bottle belongs to an improvement of a daily cosmetic package. In order to solve the problems existing in the existing pump-shaped mouth cosmetic bottles, the utility model achieves the reduction of wasted pump-shaped mouth dai