Manual tape dispenser

Patent Name A Manual Tape Dispenser Patent Applicant Shen Shihong Principal Applicant Address 518102 Shen Shihong, inventor at the sixth floor of Building 10, Guangxi Industrial Park, Industrial Avenue, Longhua Town, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province Application (Paten

Problems that should be noticed when using ink

1. Check whether the ink printed on the machine is the type of ink required by the customer, so as not to cause a major printing error due to the wrong color.
2, when the machine on the first full ink mixing, ink storage for a long time there will be stratifi

"Dirty" software parameter settings and its actual effect

"Perfection" makes the digitalization of the film into the process simple and successful, which undoubtedly brings confidence to the current CTP towards real practicality. We carried out repeated debugging when scanning large-format scanner ESCOSCAN17

Gas barrier film

Patent name Film containing a gas barrier layer Patent applicant Applicant CFS Kempervine GmbH Principal Applicant Address Kempten Inventor W. Bernig; B. Dujading; S. Ganderrose; C. Schwee Czer application (patent) No. 03818119.3 Date of application 2003.07.25 App

Bridge Inspection in Solder Paste Printing Process (3)

Print defect description

When a solder paste pattern that crosses or is near, or exceeds, a preset boundary is defined relatively well, it indicates that a bridging or bridging occurs. Various types of bridged graphics must be measured to dete

Instrument-based power control for drug packaging

Patent Name Power Control for Instrumented Drug Packaging Patent Applicant DDMS Holdings LLC Principal Applicant Address Florida Inventor Mark A. Nemetz; Louis M. Heidelberger Application (Patent) No. 03823547.1 Date of Application 2003.08 .29 Approval Date Approv

Technical methods and methods of gravure image color processing (a)

The color of commodity packaging is the key to affecting the sale of goods, and is reflected in the form of product content, technicality, and use. Therefore, handling the color of commodity packaging is the most important aspect of the gravure plate making pro

HDPE single layer film

SABIC (Europe) provides 20% polyethylene film resin for the flexible packaging market in Europe and has a wide range of SABIC® HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) copolymer film products for blown film production. In Western Europe, SABIC's HDPE film series

Hard packaging of tobacco products

Patent Name Rigid Packing of Tobacco Products Patent Applicant Yoshidani Corporation Principal Applicant Address Bologna, Italy Inventor I. Conti; F. Dragagei; P. Passi Application (Patent) No. 01816706.3 Date of Application: 2001.10.01. Date of Approval Audit No.