Stringent foreign packaging requirements

First, foreign packaging requirements have become stricter. In Germany and the United States, there are strict requirements for packaging label information such as medicines and foods. Germany not only sets strict standards for children's safe packaging, bu

Household brewing bags

The Brookings company in Kirkton, England, developed a home beer brewing bag. Bags have been filled with the ingredients needed to brew beer. After the consumer buys back, he can make beer by adding wheat and hot water to the bag. The taste of its beer, due to

Climbers Don't Let the Old Man Sing for Her Elegy

The most poignant word I have ever heard about mountaineering is what George Mallory said. When others asked him why he wanted to climb the world’s highest Mount Everest, Mallory replied: “Because it is there.”

When the first time I heard this statement two years

Three practical small offset printing experience

1. Water roller velvet anti-jacketing effect is good

Recently, a J2203-type dual-color machine from a certain factory discovered that the water roller fluff was depilated and stuck on the printing plate when printing a large-area field version, which s

Fully automated conversion of color space technology

Increasing digital prepress operations have prompted us to automate the conversion of data from one gamut space to another. However, the gamut space conversion must incorporate many replication variables, at least including printing methods, dot gain, ink, and

Graphic design commonly used methods - texture

(x) texture

Texture, also known as texture, due to the different materials of the object, the surface of the arrangement, organization, and structure of a different, resulting in a rough sense, smooth, soft and hard feeling.