How to arrange printing sequence correctly

The color of the print is overprinted with inks of different hue. The order of the overprinted ink is called the print sequence. According to the principle of permutation and combination, four colors (yellow, magenta, cyan, and black) can be printed in 24 diffe

Principles and Applications of Multicolor Micro-dot Printing

In the process of textile printing, there is also a dialectical relationship. If the pigment or dye thickener, adhesive and various additives are not selected properly, the dye cannot be fully dissolved, and there is still insoluble; or the printing paste is pl

Several Problems in the Test of Friction Coefficient

1. Through the process of some enterprise exchanges, it is learned that the measured coefficient is greater than 1, as provided by the data Cpp sample, A s = 1.189, lLd = 0.591, and the value is greater. For this reason, the author has consulted a large amount

Grinding and polishing of printing plates

If the steel plate with high hardness is used for “printing with a plane”, if it is not ground, it will cause the edges of the pattern to be rough and have a large amount of residual ink after plate printing. Grinding by hand is a chore.