WTO and Screen Printing Industry (I)

After fifteen years of negotiations, China finally joined the World Trade Organization. This is a major event in China's economic life. It will certainly promote the transformation of our country's social structure and economic structure, and make profound

U.S. launches baby meal ingredients in shallow pans

Recently, Westraco Co., Ltd. of New York, USA, introduced baby food platters to the market. The package is made of two-layer bakeable cardboard and processed into a boat-shaped platter. It has 2 to 3 food compartments and variable dietary ingredients to ensure foo

Packaging Digital Printing Color Management (I)

[Abstract] In accordance with the Open Color Management Standards developed by the International Color Consortium ICC, a digital printing profile description file is created to implement color management based on packaging digital printing.
Keywords: ICC s

Color design and printing complete Raiders

The relationship between color and printing is extremely close, but unfortunately designers often forget about printing. Designers and printers are good friends, and their scenes of “sparkling sparks” are commonplace. The designers took into considerat

On the packaging strategy of brand-name products

The connotation of the brand name is that it has a value higher than the socially necessary labor time. This value is embodied in the fact that the brand name has exceeded the general product requirements for its quality, technology, packaging, and trademarks.

Layer of ink opens value-added space for the paper industry

BASF Group and Axel Springer Co., Ltd. cooperate in a number of customer projects to improve the quality and efficiency of paper and printing technology. In addition to Axel Springer GmbH, other partners include BASF's printing system (Stuttgart, Germany),

China Printing and Equipment Equipment Industry (1)

I. A brief review of the development of China's printing technology Printing is one of the four great inventions in ancient China. It has made world-recognized significant contributions to the invention and development of ancient human printing, but China'

Imported goods packaging requirements

In world trade, due to the differences in the national conditions of different countries and the existence of cultural differences, there are different requirements for the packaging

To build the core competitiveness of packaging companies (2)

Strategies to change the appropriate organizational structure. This is the essence of organizational innovation. At present, the focus of institutional reforms for large and medium-sized packaging companies is to overcome the "big business" disease, shor

China improves polyester production process

Shanghai Lianji Synthetic Fiber Co., Ltd. introduced the technical equipment and production technology of the polyester plant from the German company Zima in the early 1990s, and carried out technological innovation on the basis of digestion and absorption. Recent

U.S. Developed Plant Synthetic Plastic Packaging Cup

A U.S. company recently took the lead in developing a cup made from grain-synthetic plastic-PLA polymer material. The company's product is currently available in the U.S. market and is highly favored by users.
According to reports, the physical properties