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RTP Develops New Type Nylon Clay Nanocomposite

US RTP Plastics recently developed a new type of nylon clay nanocomposite. This nylon nanocomposite is made of nylon 6 resin, added 3%-5% of organic clay, and made by special methods. The new nylon nanocomposite material is particularly suitable for the production of lightweight components. Its i-----

Trademark Design Knowledge Collection - Application of …

Chapter 7 Use of Symbolic Image in Logo Design In the various signs of Linlin, we often find many images with the same kind of object. This type of image has long been in the hearts of established people. Therefore, most consumers see them more than they do. The familiar image is more capable of -----

Pump-shaped mouth daily chemical bottle

A pump-shaped mouth daily-use product bottle belongs to an improvement of a daily cosmetic package. In order to solve the problems existing in the existing pump-shaped mouth cosmetic bottles, the utility model achieves the reduction of wasted pump-shaped mouth daily-use product bottles by improvin-----

Manual tape dispenser

Patent Name A Manual Tape Dispenser Patent Applicant Shen Shihong Principal Applicant Address 518102 Shen Shihong, inventor at the sixth floor of Building 10, Guangxi Industrial Park, Industrial Avenue, Longhua Town, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province Application (Patent) No. 200420093267.1 Date of appl-----

Problems that should be noticed when using ink

1. Check whether the ink printed on the machine is the type of ink required by the customer, so as not to cause a major printing error due to the wrong color. 2, when the machine on the first full ink mixing, ink storage for a long time there will be stratification, but will not affect the qualit-----

Rubber roller cloth rubber unit and method for preparin…

The present invention relates to a rubber blanket unit of a rubber roller of a rotary printing press having a deformation-resistant support plate (02; 18; 42) and a rubber blanket fixed to the outer surface of the support plate (02; 18; 42) (03; 19;43), front and/or rear of a support plate (02;18;-----

Several Problems of Application Note of the Founder Cen…

System resources should be sufficient It is also an indispensable and important condition to ensure the normal operation of the system when using the PSPNT software for output operations. Questions about how to ensure that the system runs with sufficient resources The author talked about in the r-----