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Bubble anti-counterfeiting plastic labels: eliminate fa…

In order to curb the proliferation of fake and shoddy packaging products, a packaging plastics equipment company headquartered in Montauban, France, invented and produced a bubble-proof security plastic label that is difficult to counterfeit. It is used outside electronic products, textiles, food -----

KBA 74 Karat Digital Offset Press

The KBA 74 Karat Digital Offset Press is a new type of inkless keyless waterless offset press that enables innovative printing preparation including waterless version change, direct on-machine imaging, plate cleaning and adjustment, etc. within 15 minutes. Roller arrangement (only two plates are u-----

On the Strategic Transfer of the Whole Design Position …

Abstract: The competition in the current publishing industry is increasingly fierce. The overall design of books is a strategic shift in the overall image design of publishing organizations. Keywords: books, overall design, design, positioning strategy, transfer of books, overall design is a stra-----

Conceptual design of packaging container

[Abstract] The concept of conceptual design in mechanical design was introduced. The concept content, process and requirements of packaging container were deeply demonstrated. Conceptual design is conducive to the development of new product development efficiency for block packaging and speed up p-----

Biodegradable agricultural products retail packaging

Oppenheimer Group and Earthcycle Packaging announced that their latest degradable kiwifruit packaging has officially been placed in supermarkets such as Wal-Mart. With this kind of degradable packaging, Wal-Mart uses its exquisite design and natural features to help consumers recognize the retaile-----

Preparation method of homopolypropylene biaxially stret…

The invention is a preparation method of a biaxially stretched film special material for homopolypropylene, which comprises mixing raw material propylene with a mixture of a main catalyst, a cocatalyst and an electron donor, first pre-polymerizing, and then sending the pre-polymer into a series co-----

Crosslinker using low viscosity printing ink

Printing inks are often classified into high-viscosity paste inks and low-viscosity liquid inks based on their viscosity values. The most common of paste inks are offset inks and screen printing inks. The viscosity of inks such as gravure ink, flexo ink, and news ink is very low, so these printing-----